Ruslan Medzhitov
June 28, 2019
At first glance, a hibernating ground squirrel and a person with the flu appear to have little in common. But both are protected by physiological systems that have evolved to help them survive challenging conditions.
The Schamis Terrace at the Yale Science Building
June 28, 2019
When the new Yale Science Building opens its doors this August, students and faculty members will access its brand-new laboratories for learning and discovery, as well as ample spaces for informal idea sharing, collaboration, and study. A focal point of the building is the rooftop terrace, an outdoor gathering space with commanding views of Science Hill and East Rock.
John Jackson ’67, Susan Jackson, President Peter Salovey ’86 Ph.D., and Marta Moret ’84 MPH
June 28, 2019
For nearly a decade, the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs has been a hub of teaching and learning, where faculty members, practitioners, and students cultivate expertise with a global reach. Now, thanks to a transformative gift from John Jackson ’67 and his wife, Susan, the institute is poised to become the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, a full-fledged professional school with a broader mandate and enhanced resources.
Christian Fernandez BF ’20
June 10, 2019
“First-Year Scholars at Yale made my transition to college much easier,” said Christian Fernandez BF ’20.
Samantha Wood SY ’20
June 5, 2019
“As a religious studies major,” says Samantha Wood SY ’20, “I look for the common ground that unites people across cultures, societies, and values.”
Tarek Ziad DC ’20
April 16, 2019
Tarek Ziad DC ’20 can be found all around Yale. When not in class, the dual major in theater studies and ecology works in a lab, appears in productions on the university’s various stages, performs and travels with the Heritage Theater Ensemble, and serves as co-director of the Yale Exit Players, the oldest improv group on campus. To many first-year students, however, Tarek is immediately recognizable as one of the first faces they meet at Yale.
Rhasaan Bovell MY ’19
February 28, 2019
Experience is one of the best teachers for Rhasaan Bovell MY ’19. The ecology and evolutionary biology major from Silver Spring, Maryland, has collected biological samples in the rain forests of South America, conducted lab research in New Haven, and honed his people skills as a First-Year Counselor.
Dylan Campbell TC ’22
February 28, 2019
“High school was a whirlwind,” Dylan Campbell TC ’22 recalls. “When I was working twenty hours a week, juggling extracurriculars, and keeping up with a heavy course load, college seemed like a distant, unobtainable future, with application deadlines looming.”
Claudia Gaither JE ’20
January 8, 2019
Claudia Gaither JE ’20 spent last summer helping to bring science to life for school children. For eight rewarding weeks, Gaither, who hails from Athens, Georgia, was an intern with CitySprouts, a nonprofit organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts, providing garden-based learning for middle schoolers.
Tom Bischoff MC ’20
December 17, 2018
“Ever since I started rowing in high school,” said Tom Bischoff MC ’20, “I’ve applied lessons learned in the boat to different aspects of life. Rowing is all about maintaining focus and effort in the face of challenges, and I’ve used that mindset in my academic pursuits as well.”
Onyx Brunner MC ’20
December 12, 2018
As a high school senior applying to colleges, Onyx Brunner MC ’20 initially wasn’t sure about Yale. Today, it would be hard to find anyone more immersed in the college community than this Chicago native.
Andrew Krzywosz TC ’20
December 6, 2018
As president of the Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association (YUAA), Andrew Krzywosz TC ’20 spends a lot of time preparing and launching rockets.
Jessica Trinh BR ’20
December 6, 2018
Jessica Trinh BR ’20 knows that the heart of a culture is often found in its food. “My parents came to America from Vietnam,” she said. “Cooking and baking were two of the main ways they taught me about our history.” This insight served her well during a recent summer abroad as part of Yale Summer Session in Spain.
 Adam, Shelia, Ron ’92, and Ryan Marcelo
November 28, 2018
A year ago, Teresa Chahine was working to improve the lives of refugees and other disadvantaged people in her native Lebanon. Today, she works with Yale students eager to create lasting solutions to societal problems.
Claudia Gaither JE ’20
November 20, 2018
Surrounded by growing plants and curious middle-schoolers, Claudia Gaither JE ’20 experienced a different kind of summer internship. “I had done research in a laboratory after my first year,” said Claudia, an ecology and evolutionary biology major. “For my second summer, I was looking for something focused on the environment but outside of a lab.”
A view of the "touchdown area" in the Poorvu Center
November 19, 2018
Yale has named the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning in recognition of a gift from William ’56 and Lia Poorvu and their children Alison Poorvu Jaffe ’81 and Jonathan Poorvu ’84.
From left: Jocelyn Kane, managing director of the Yale Alumni Fund; Marla Grossman ’90, vice chairman; award winners Rebecca Vitas Schamis ’00 MBA, Thomas Ginakakis ’09, and Evangeline Wyche Tross ’78; and Michael Tom ’83 M.D., chairman. Also winning the award is Andrew M. Wallach ’80, not shown.
November 13, 2018
Chairman’s Awards presented to four alumni on November 9.
Screen of data
October 30, 2018
Steven Berry, David Swensen Professor of Economics, has been appointed the inaugural Jeffrey M. Talpins Faculty Director of the Tobin Center for Economic Policy at Yale. Berry is a renowned economist whose research analyzes industrial organization, empirical models of product differentiation, and market equilibrium.
Priya Singh SY ’19
October 10, 2018
Priya Singh SY ’19 grew up in a household with four generations of women in Far Rockaway, New York. Both her mother and grandmother worked, as a New York City police officer and nurse, respectively, so Priya spent most of her time with her great-grandmother. It was her great-grandmother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis that motivated Priya to become a doctor—and to set her sights on Yale.