Yale College

Educating for creative leadership

Even before our nation’s founders immortalized their eloquent vision of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Yale College was instilling similar values in its students. Since our founding in 1701, generations of undergraduates have sought education and enlightenment at Yale in a dedicated pursuit of knowledge and leadership skills. As a society, we all share in their successes—in their contributions to various professions, their remarkable works of art, their historic literature, their public service efforts, and their commitment to democracy. Decade after decade, the graduates of Yale College have set out to make our world a better place.

In the vanguard of change

Yale has a long, widely recognized tradition of imparting an outstanding and broad education to its undergraduate students. As a liberal arts college surrounded by a bright constellation of graduate and professional schools, we offer students an unmatched educational experience. We pride ourselves on the commitment and energy with which our faculty undertakes not only its scholarly work but also the intellectual development of our students. And our tremendous research capabilities—coupled with our highly competitive admissions standards and innovative leadership in financial aid—have made Yale College an ideal environment for learning.

As a beloved and defining institution of higher education, we understand we cannot be complacent. We must hold fast to our fundamental educational principles while looking ahead to a future encompassing technologies, professions, and socio-political and economic contexts that will defy outdated perspectives. With the strength of our past to guide us and a vision of our future—and with your support—we will continue to provide students with the intellectual resources they will need to become leaders in a changing and increasingly complex world.

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