Donor Stories

Berger residence

Our family’s home... and Yale’s

“How Jet Age Transportation and Communication Will Speed World Peace,” was the topic of a Boeing-sponsored national high school writing competition in 1958. Toby Berger ’62 credits his prize winning essay as a key reason for his admission to Yale College.
Vicky DePalma in the Great Hall of Dinosaurs at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, which houses the much visited Apatosaurus.

A Father’s Creation Inspires a Daughter’s Gift

Victoria DePalma established a charitable gift annuity for the Peabody Museum of Natural History.
Peter ’57 and Kathleen Capra

Why I Give to Yale: Peter Capra ’57

“When you consider my charitable tax deduction, the reliable payments, and the contribution I’ve made to my alma mater, the benefits of the annuity have far exceeded my expectations!”
Priscilla and Jack Baublitz ’59

Priscilla and Jack Baublitz ’59

Priscilla and Jack Baublitz’s planned gifts are opening the doors to a range of possibilities for engineering scholars.
Judge George A. Saden ’31

Judge George A. Saden ’31

In crafting his estate plan, Judge George A. Saden ’31 was guided by two principals — his love of learning and his devotion to Yale. His legacy is but one example of how bequests to Yale have created scholarships for deserving students.
Donna and her parents Lillian and Alfred Dubinsky

The Importance of Giving Back: Donna Dubinsky ’77

“As I contemplated my gift to Yale, I found a beautiful vehicle that could both benefit my parents as well as the next generation of students at the same time.”