Donor Stories

Jiréh Breon Holder ’16 MFA

Yale Playwriting Student is “Beyond Grateful” for Financial Support

“The idea that someone decided that my education was a worthwhile investment makes my drive even stronger.”
Paul Balser ’64 with his family

Our Commitment to Our Grandchildren…and to Yale: Paul Balser ’64

Paul Balser’s charitable remainder trust supports the next generation in his own family, and the next generation of Yale students.
Yale School of Medicine Dean Robert J. Alpern, M.D., Graeme Rosenberg ’14 M.D. and Irwin Rosenberg ’53 M.D. at commencement in May

Our Commitment to Our Grandchildren…and to Yale: Irwin K. ’53 M.D. and Barbara F. ’53 M.D.

Irwin and Barbara Rosenberg, who met as classmates at the Yale School of Medicine, established a charitable remainder trust to support to their eight grandchildren and endow a fellowship for the Medical School.
Harold ’45W and Ruth ’48 M.N. Benedict

A Charitable Gift Annuity: the Magical Formula

“We consider Yale a part of our family and have treated our estate accordingly.” Harold and Ruth’s charitable gift annuities provide secure income for them and a future gift to Yale School of Nursing.
Yvonne and Jack ’62, ’64 M.Eng McCredie

Designating Yale as and IRA Beneficiary

“For us, the IRA beneficiary designation was the best way to give back to Yale and influence its future at the same time.”
Kem Edwards ’49

“We Have All Benefited from the Generosity of Those Before Us”

Kem Edwards ’49 is not just a Yale graduate, but the proud auditor of 126 classes and an active participant in New Haven cultural life. He established charitable annuities to provide scholarships for students at Yale College.