Donor Stories

Yale Divinity School

Goodman Bequest for YDS Supports Generations

Joshua Narcisse is one of the many students to benefit from the nineteenth-century bequest of Mary Goodman. Thanks to the Yale Endowment, Goodman’s bequest has grown to more than $180,000.
David Elias BK ’16

Supporting Generations of Undergraduate Scientists

For the past four decades, more than sixty Yale undergraduate science majors have received generous financial assistance from the endowed scholarship created by a bequest from the estate of Edgar F. Bullard, Ph.B. 1921.
Ruth Lasner ’71

Yale Pioneer Encourages Meaningful Support

Ruth Lasner, a lawyer who was one of the first female Yale College students, reflects on how it feels to be the only woman in the room. Her charitable gift annuity will ensure that the next generation of lawyers work in a field with more female role models.
Albert Zuckerman ’61 MFA, ’62 DFA

Drama Alumnus Establishes Annuity to Honor Mentor

Albert Zuckerman established a charitable gift annuity in honor of his mentor, Professor John Gassner. Thanks to Professor Gassner, “I came to the realization that I could help other writers,” says Albert. He's been doing just that ever since.
Drs. Maura and Paul Copeland ’72, ’77 M.Phil., ’78 M.D. with their children

Couple Uses Trust to Fund Scholarship

Paul Copeland remembers starting as an undergraduate at Yale when tuition, room and board was $3,300. Today, he and his wife Maura's charitable remainder trust supports their vision: for Yale to be “fully inclusive and available to any qualified student regardless of his or her ability to pay.”
Aerial view of Yale University

Trailblazer Endows Fellowship for Women in Science

Anne M. Briscoe ’49 Ph.D. was a noted researcher, teacher, and mentor. Her endowed fellowship for women in the physical, biomedical, and computer science will allow new generations of women scientists to continue in the field.