Donor Stories

Bobby Gibbs ’10

Gifts That Go Further

“Every dollar helps, and it’s very important that young alums who are thinking about retirement take advantage of what Yale does to make these kinds of gifts go further.”
Barry Bardo ’67 and his wife, Ann Bardo

Saying Thanks for a Unique Major with a Bequest

Yale gave Barry Bardo a chance to blaze his own path by studying the history of science, a major that did not yet exist, which helped Barry pursue a successful career. The Bardos' bequest will create an endowment to support that same major.
Jim Goetz ’68 LL.B. in his hometown of Ennis, Montana, with Johnny, a  Newfoundland Landseer, and Mickey, an Irish Spotted Newfoundland

Giving Back to Yale Law

"I want my gifts to send a message to students and faculty that the work they do is important," says Jim Goetz, who made a bequest at his fortieth reunion. "What better way to pay back YLS for what it has given to me?"
Mary Lee Mantz ’69 MSN

Charitable Gift Annuities Create Opportunities

"Yale opened so many doors for me. I want to hold those doors open for the next generation," says nursing pioneer Mary Lee Mantz. Her charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trust will grow the School of Nursing's financial aid endowment.
Alexander Garvin ’62, ’67 M.Arch, ’67 MUS

Planned Gifts Secure Urban Studies at Yale

"When I considered my first charitable gift annuity, my accountant asked me if I thought the idea was a safe bet. "I can't think of any safer! Yale is older than the United States of America, and when it comes to investments, no institution's money is better managed."
Yale Divinity School

Goodman Bequest for YDS Supports Generations

Joshua Narcisse is one of the many students to benefit from the nineteenth-century bequest of Mary Goodman. Thanks to the Yale Endowment, Goodman’s bequest has grown to more than $180,000.