Graduate School Alumni Annual Giving

Annual giving through the Alumni Fund is the backbone of alumni support for the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Through the Alumni Fund, graduate alumni have become important partners in maintaining the unparalleled strength and potential of America’s inaugural graduate school.

What do these gifts support?

Alumni gifts to the Graduate School support its academic departments in a variety of ways:

  • general fellowship support
  • augmentation of fellowship awards to incoming students
  • small grants toward travel to conferences for students presenting papers
  • funds to help students meet unexpected challenges and opportunities
  • funds to enhance student life and everyday campus operations

Why participate in annual giving to the Alumni Fund?

Alumni Fund gifts provide readily available support for fellowships, travel fellowships, and programs that directly impact the quality of the graduate experience.

Fellowship support is especially important for the Graduate School, which pays full tuition and stipends for all doctoral students. Annual giving plays a crucial role in funding this support at a level that is competitive with peer institutions, so that Yale can attract the most promising students to its ambitious path of graduate study.

Nathan Hale Associates

Leadership recognition for unrestricted, current use annual giving

Through the Nathan Hale Associates program, the university recognizes and thanks leadership annual donors, whose giving sustains the dynamic, diverse, and creative environment so essential to the Yale experience.

In recognition of a leadership gift of $5,000 or more, Yale offers donors the opportunity to name a one-year fellowship for a current graduate student. If you participate, you may elect to receive a report that highlights the recipient’s accomplishments. In addition to being recognized in an online honor roll of donors, Nathan Hale Associates Fellowship donors are listed in the NHA e-newsletter, Leaders in Giving. To learn more about the Nathan Hale Associates, click here.