Friends Annual Giving

Yale has always received help and encouragement from its extraordinary friends, a diverse group that included Elihu Yale in 1718 and thousands over the years. Their benefits to Yale University are many and various. But what benefits does a friend derive from the transaction?

An association with stability and quality

Belief in Yale’s future, back in 1718, was an act of faith. Today, donor friends know that an affiliation with Yale puts them in touch with an established institution that is synonymous with quality, leadership, and learning. Yale’s reputation is global and its future unlimited.

A vast selection of programs and purposes

Donors can choose to support a wide range of Yale projects, programs, and departments—from biomedical research to international studies, great arts programs, and community enhancement.

Nathan Hale Associates

Leadership recognition for unrestricted current use annual giving

The Nathan Hale Associates program is the university’s way of acknowledging the many alumni, parents, and friends whose most generous gifts have helped nurture the dynamic, creative environment that is integral to the Yale experience. To learn more about the Nathan Hale Associates, click here.