School of Engineering & Applied Science Alumni Annual Giving

What do these gifts support?

Alumni gifts to the Yale Engineering Alumni Fund touch every aspect of the people and endeavors involved with engineering at Yale. From financial aid that allows Yale to recruit the most promising students, to funds for attracting and retaining the finest faculty, to support for rebuilding the campus facilities that foster all of their activities, the Yale Engineering Alumni Fund is critical to the engineering program at Yale.

Why participate in annual giving to the Alumni Fund?

Just as the contributions of previous alumni helped enrich your learning experience, you can take pride in knowing that everyone learning and teaching engineering at Yale benefits from your generosity. No matter the gift amount, your participation is important and is much appreciated.

Nathan Hale Associates

Leadership recognition for unrestricted current use annual giving

The Nathan Hale Associates program is the university’s way of acknowledging the many alumni, parents, and friends whose most generous gifts have helped nurture the dynamic, creative environment that is integral to the Yale experience. To learn more about the Nathan Hale Associates, click here.