Corporate and Foundation Giving

The Yale Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations seeks to establish strategic partnerships with corporations and foster links between the university and foundations to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Corporate alliances build upon complementary strengths and needs in recruitment/hiring, financial aid for students, internships, research collaborations, faculty/industry consultations, lectureships and technology transfer.

Foundations are a driving force behind much of the research and many of the programs that take place at Yale. Foundation relations professionals identify opportunities—programs, research activities, capital projects, fellowship needs, and other elements of university life—that parallel foundation giving priorities.

Philanthropic giving opportunities

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations opens portals to the university by providing access to Yale’s world-class faculty, students, cutting-edge technologies, and other resources. There are many ways to support Yale’s mission to provide students with the best education possible, such as:

  • Scholarships
  • Fellowships
  • Faculty chairs
  • Capital improvements and facilities
  • Program and research grants
  • Equipment
  • In-kind gifts
  • Employee matching gift programs

We invite corporations and foundations to review funding activities that may lead to cutting-edge technological advantages through support of the Yale’s schools, libraries, galleries, and research initiatives


A particularly fruitful area of corporate/university interaction is the hiring of Yale graduates. Further information is available at the following sites:

An excellent way to establish early links with students is through corporate internships.

Research collaborations

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations links corporations and foundations with Yale faculty and administrators in key areas of mutual research interest. Interactions occur in the form of grants, contracts, faculty consultations, internships, and clinical trials. The office also assists in the area of sponsored research together with the Office of Cooperative Research—which manages the university’s intellectual assets and establishes commercial partnerships—and the Office of Grant and Contract Administration.

We also assist in making additional resources of the university available to supporters, such as faculty consultations, executive education programs, participation in conferences, colloquia and symposia, and the university’s museums and libraries.