Yale College Alumni Fund

Alumni Fund gifts of any size support Yale’s core needs. From financial aid, to teaching and research, to enriching student life, your generosity touches every aspect of Yale College.

As an alum, you show your support for Yale’s uncompromising standards when you participate in this tradition of giving. You can personalize your contribution by designating your gift to one or more areas of special interest or give without restriction to support the university’s most pressing needs. Make your gift now or keep reading to learn more.

How can my gift make an impact?

Annual giving to Yale College through the Alumni Fund provides current and immediately expendable support for the university’s basic operations. Your gift goes to work right away.


Unrestricted gifts provide immediate support for the university’s most pressing needs. Each dollar of unrestricted, current use funding has the equivalent immediate effect of income generated by $20 of endowment funds.

Financial Aid

Financial aid in Yale College is subsidized by the generosity of Alumni Fund donors. These gifts significantly defray the cost of a Yale education and help bring exceptional students to the university.


Yale remains a steadfast champion of the humanities. From history to literature to philosophy, we are deeply invested in our scholarly work and the impact we have on our culture. Your annual gift helps to sustain our humanities departments, faculty members, students, programs, and collections.

The Arts

Yale’s thriving arts community offers students hundreds of opportunities to study and create art. Gifts to this area support student projects, enable low-cost or free events, and help produce concerts, theater, and other arts initiatives.

The Sciences

With investment in the sciences, Yale is contributing vital research to address the world’s most pressing challenges. Alumni Fund gifts to the sciences provide flexible support for innovation and academic scholarship.


Yale’s scholar-athletes practice valuable skills, including leadership, teamwork, and resilience. Gifts to athletics provide unrestricted support across all of Yale’s teams, to help our athletes be their best.

Library Resources

The Yale Library System is one of the university’s premiere assets, featuring 15 million print and electronic holdings housed in fifteen libraries. Annual gifts provide support for acquisitions, preservation, expert staff, exhibitions, and more.

Student Support

Gifts to student support help to fund the First-Year Scholars at Yale program, the Community Initiative for first-generation low-income students, and Safety Net, through which students can request funding for emergency travel and other unexpected expenses.

Faculty Support

Alumni Fund gifts in support of faculty help advance the boundaries of human knowledge and sustain Yale’s academic excellence.

Campus Facilities

Yale’s world-renowned campus features over 300 buildings across 1,155 acres. Gifts to the Alumni Fund help fund the renovation and maintenance of these iconic facilities.

New Haven Support

Yale is proud to be part of the New Haven community, and we are committed to helping our neighbors thrive. Gifts to this area support the university’s contributions to the delivery of healthcare, nonprofit assistance to local businesses, community educational needs, and area not-for-profits focused on children and families, homelessness, and food insecurity.