School of Art

The Yale School of Art is committed to continuing its preeminence as the leader in professional instruction of the world’s most promising artists. To realize its potential, the school seeks increased funding for core priorities.

Each gift matters; each gift is unique

Each gift to the School of Art perpetuates the tradition of excellence in arts education that has been in place at Yale since the school’s founding in 1869. Gifts to the school take a variety of different forms depending on the preferences of individuals providing support. Many decide to pledge a gift over a period of up to five years, some make multiple contributions in a given year, some include a bequest intention within their estate plans, and others may combine these methods. Expendable gifts help to address today’s needs, while endowments, our current focus, provide lasting support. Each gift is very much an individual decision, and we welcome the opportunity to talk and work with each person to determine what will be best for the individual and for the school. However you choose to support the School of Art, your generosity is both essential and truly appreciated.

Building for the long term: endowment opportunities

Gifts toward endowment allow the School of Art to strengthen its long-term financial stability. These funds are invested by the university, and the annual income is directed toward a purpose agreed upon by the donor and the school. Endowed support provides continuous, stable, and sustainable spending in support of the School of Art in perpetuity, helping to safeguard the school’s tradition of excellence against changing economic climates. Named endowment opportunities include scholarships, professorships, funds to support teaching, and general unrestricted use.