School of Architecture

Envisioning the landscape of tomorrow

The mission of the Yale School of Architecture remains as it always has been: to train the architects of the future and to open their minds to the world of ideas that intersects with their specific craft. For nearly 100 years, we have led the way, balancing the demands of art with those of social responsibility.

The challenges of tomorrow require us to pursue our mission in new ways. To effectively attract the best faculty and students—regardless of need—our school must become financially more self-sufficient. To flourish as a training ground and research institution, we need to develop and expand our programs and resources. With your support, we will achieve those goals and continue forward, maintaining our leadership role in offering an innovative education and presenting new ideas to the public through exhibitions, symposia, and publications.

We invite you to join us by making an important investment in the Yale School of Architecture. Your commitment now will have a direct and significant impact on the built environment for generations to come.