Support for Scholars

Yale has long been committed to enrolling the best and most highly motivated students in Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools. The university spends more than $435.6 million each year to support students and to advance these aims:

  • Keeping a world-class education affordable for students from diverse backgrounds
  • Providing experiences abroad through international summer awards and international fellowships
  • Reducing our students’ debt, so that after graduation, they are free to pursue their highest aspirations
  • Funding loan forgiveness in select fields that support the community

Yale’s student support programs embody our highest ideals of equality and opportunity, and their impact is pronounced. Twenty percent of students in the Yale College Class of 2023 are recipients of federal Pell Grants for low-income students, and 17 percent are first-generation college students. Gifts for student support make possible the scholarships and fellowships that bring these and other exceptional students to Yale. Make your gift now (link is external), or keep reading to learn more.


Scholarships are vital in Yale College, where students are admitted regardless of means and 53.3 percent receive financial aid. Watch Samantha Wood SY ’20 describe her Yale experience, made possible by financial aid.

Scholarships also play a critical part in Yale’s professional schools, where many students rely on a combination of financial aid and student loans to pay for their education.


Fellowships are essential to the larger budgetary picture at the Graduate School, which pays the full cost of educating its Ph.D. candidates. Nathan Nguyen, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Cell Biology, is one such student.