Staying Connected and Giving Back

Narayan Paruchuri ’95 and his wife, Alpa

As Narayan Paruchuri ’95 looks forward to catching up with his classmates and friends at their twenty-fifth reunion next year, he’s also thinking about smart ways to plan for his retirement. “I don’t have a specific date in mind,” said Paruchuri, a radiologist who lives and practices in New York City. “But I want the ability to make decisions later when the moment is right.

The desire for flexibility drew Paruchuri to Yale’s charitable gift annuity (CGA) program. Now, with two flexible deferred CGAs at Yale, he has the satisfaction of knowing the annuity payments will be there when he wants them and that his gifts will help students. “I wanted another way to contribute to Yale,” Paruchuri says. “With these annuities, my wife and I will get annual payments down the line in retirement. Plus, I earmarked my CGAs for financial aid, which helped make it possible for me to study at Yale.”

Paruchuri remembers Yale as a place where he formed friendships, bonds that remain strong to this day. “We’re all over the country,” he said, “but we’re still in touch. From spending time with my rugby club team to learning to think critically in great classes like Peter Salovey’s Psych 101, Yale was full of formative experiences for me. I think of my college years as a wonderful collage of those moments.”

Paruchuri stays connected to Yale through visits to campus and his giving. “I love coming back and seeing what’s going on. I also want to support Yale in any way I can. There are multiple options for annuities out there, but Yale’s CGAs offered me a simpler way to secure income and help the school I love.”