A Shared Love of Giving

Harold D. Bornstein, Jr. ’53 M.D. and his wife, Maureen

 “Many years ago,” says Harold D. Bornstein, Jr. ’53 M.D., “my wife, Maureen, and I discerned the win-win of the charitable gift annuity.”

A Boston native who came to Yale after serving in World War II, Dr. Bornstein recalls the crucial role financial support played in his education. “I did my first two years at the Yale School of Medicine on the G.I. Bill,” he says, “and my last two on scholarship. I know the difference financial help can make.”

A pediatrician, Dr. Bornstein made his home in Connecticut after graduating from Yale, building strong roots and a legacy of charitable giving throughout the New Haven area. With his late wife, Maureen, Dr. Bornstein has made a significant difference in the lives of students at the Yale School of Medicine, establishing fourteen charitable gift annuities (CGAs) and a charitable remainder trust, and documenting a bequest intention, all benefiting financial aid at the school.

“Maureen and I always took special care to support medical students at Yale,” he says. “She was my beloved and was also 
beloved by my classmates. She served as both co-secretary and host for our twenty-fifth through fiftieth reunions. Our commitment to Yale was one of the many values we shared, and philanthropy was another.”

The Bornsteins found CGAs to be an ideal way to express their shared love of giving back. “Yale’s CGAs are outstanding. They provide a life income at fantastic, secure rates, and they make me happy knowing that the principal will help others the way others helped me. With these kinds of benefits, you, too, can be a philanthropist.”