Saying Thanks for a Unique Major with a Bequest

Barry Bardo ’67 and his wife, Ann Bardo

Yale has always played an important role in my life, and my lifelong love for the university and unique undergraduate major motivate me to give back. As a sophomore, I took a course in the history of physical sciences and wanted to pursue the field, but no formal major was then available. Instead, I enrolled in the interdisciplinary Divisional IV honors program, where I could create my own path. I spent my junior and senior years studying the emergence of scientific ideas, the lives of great scientists and physicians, and the dynamic interaction of science and medicine throughout history.
This exciting coursework gave me a
 historical perspective that stayed through-
out my career. I developed purification technologies for water, semiconductor, and pharmaceutical industries, and my journey was enriched because I could
 see myself as a contributor to a socially-important technology and its applications.

Through a bequest to Yale, Ann and I will create an endowment to support the Yale College major in the history of science and medicine. Our goal is to foster a greater understanding of the ideas and social impact of science, medicine, public health, and technology by encouraging recruitment and support of undergraduate research, instruction, publications, symposia and colloquia, and other program activities.

An endowment to advance the field that shaped my career is a way to both
 say thanks and encourage future Yale students to share in the joy of the
 experience I had as an undergraduate, wherever it may take them.