The Importance of Giving Back: Donna Dubinsky ’77

Donna and her parents Lillian and Alfred Dubinsky

“Looking back now, thirty-five years later, I am so grateful to my parents for enabling me to attend Yale. Their support, along with the generosity of many generations of Yalies, makes me realize my obligations to do the same for the next generation. So, it seemed entirely fitting that as I contemplated my gift to Yale, I found a beautiful vehicle that could both benefit my parents as well as the next generation of students at the same time.

“My parents had moved to a continuing care facility. They were concerned that their assets might not be sufficient to sustain their lifestyle long term, but were uncomfortable about accepting support from my husband, Len Shustek, and me.

“Our solution: a Yale-managed charitable remainder trust. The trust pays a fixed quarterly amount to my parents during their lifetimes and then the remainder will be transferred to Yale. I hope that people realize that they can make a gift, receive a substantial tax deduction, and provide for elderly parents or other loved ones at the same time. It’s a wonderful way to support the previous generation and ultimately benefit the ones that follow.”