Alumni Couple Receive Reliable Income

Linden ’74 and Scott Wise ’74

With their forty-fifth reunion on the horizon, Linden ’74 and Scott Wise ’74 knew they wanted to make a meaningful gift to Yale. “We were both happy to serve on our reunion gift committee,” Linden said. “When we got a letter about planned giving options, we started to think about a deferred charitable gift annuity (CGA). It made a lot of sense to us because a CGA is a way to benefit Yale while taking care of one’s own needs.”

The CGA has given Linden and Scott the security of knowing they will have a reliable source of income in the years ahead. “We’re starting to plan for our retirements,” Linden said. “It was very satisfying to create the annuity and know that it will provide a guaranteed income at locked-in rates down the road.”

Linden and Scott’s gift planning results in part from many years working with nonprofits. Linden is on the legal staff of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and both she and Scott have experience fundraising for charitable causes. “We have seen how crucial unrestricted support can be for an institution like Yale, which is why we designated our CGA for unrestricted purposes,” said Scott. “When the annuity ends, the university can use the funds where they are needed most.”

“I’ve always been a Yale superfan,” said Linden, who grew up cheering for the Bulldogs alongside her father Harry Havemeyer ’52 and sisters Ann Havemeyer ’75, ’12 Ph.D. and Catherine Havemeyer ’83. “Scott and I both made lifelong friends here, and Yale brought us together. It is important to us to help Yale have a strong, stable future, and, at this point in life, the CGA was an ideal way to do that.”