Steven Kumble ’54 Supports Scholarships for International Experience

Steven J. Kumble ’54

A recent gift by Steven J. Kumble ’54 will provide financial aid for Yale College students to support international study and internships abroad. Recipients of the scholarships will be called Steven J. Kumble Scholars. 

“The pursuit of a more global educational experience is consistent with other developments in business and politics,” said Kumble. “I wanted to support that effort.”

Yale prepares students for leadership and service in an increasingly interdependent world, and all undergraduates, including those receiving financial aid, are encouraged to have a meaningful experience abroad at least once during their education. For many students, living abroad proves to be life-changing—an opportunity to appreciate another culture and to better understand the dynamic factors influencing global society.

Yale College Dean Peter Salovey said: “Knowledge of other cultures and the ability to have purposeful relationships with people around the world are at the heart of what it means to be educated in the 21st century. We are determined to provide our undergraduates with high-quality opportunities to develop those skills as part of their academic program. I am very grateful that Steven Kumble has been so generous in supporting this idea.”

(November 1, 2007)

November 1, 2007