The Alumni Fund, Reunion Giving, and AYA Recognize Alumni Volunteers

Yale alumni, staff, and friends wave handkerchiefs to “Bright College Years” at volunteer recognition events on May 29 and June 5.

On May 29 and June 5, the Yale Alumni Fund, Reunion Giving, and the Association of Yale Alumni hosted receptions in the Linonia and Brothers Reading Room in Sterling Memorial Library to recognize the dedicated work of alumni volunteers. With more than 100 guests in attendance at each gathering, these events preceded the May 29-June 1 and June 5-June 8 reunion weekends.

Alumni volunteers serve Yale College in a variety of capacities. As class agents, reunion gift committee members, and AYA board members, they provide important support for reunion planning and reunion giving.

Each year, many alumni mark the passing of a milestone reunion by contributing to the University. These gifts account for a significant portion of annual contributions and help to advance a wide breadth of University initiatives, including financial aid, teaching, research, and student life. Volunteers play an important role in engaging fellow alumni and furthering the priorities of the Yale Tomorrow campaign.

(July 15, 2008)

July 15, 2008