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Agent Tools: Become an Online Agent

The Alumni Fund's Online Agent tools are a great way to make your life as a Class Agent easier!

Benefits include:

  • Access to weekly updates of your agent statement.
  • Flexibility to download your reports in the current familiar format, as well as an Excel version so you can customize your reports
  • Support from YAF staff to assist you in registering, accessing your reports, and troubleshooting
  • Assurance that access is secure, and personal information is protected
  • Sustainability: If you find the online statements effective, you can choose to reduce clutter and support Yale’s sustainability initiative by forgoing your paper statements.

To become an online agent e-mail Please be sure to include your name and class year in your e-mail.

If you are already an Online Agent and have forgotten your password, please go here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Agent Packets

Q: When should I receive my appeals to postscript?

A: Generally, agent packets are sent in October and March, though this schedule may vary based on the individual class. Please contact us for more details.

Q: I just received my packet, but I’m missing a letter for someone. What should I do?

A: Typically if someone makes a very recent gift we will remove their letter just prior to sending you the packet. In reunion years, some classmates may be omitted if they are also in communication with a member of the Reunion Gift Committee. If you feel a letter should have been included, please contact your staff person.

Q: What is the purpose of this white envelope with my staff person's name on it?

A: We have included an envelope for you to send back any returned mail you receive. If you choose, you can also email your Alumni Fund staff person to let them know about any returned mail.

Agent Statements

Q: When will I get my next agent statement?

A: We generally send statements with your agent packets in October and March, as well as in May for the final push, and once the books close in July so that you can send out any final thank you notes you haven’t already sent. If you would like information between these times, let us know. We’ll be happy to provide it.

Q: I know that one of the members of my group just made a big restricted gift, but I can’t find it on my agent statement. Where is it?

A: To provide a manageable document, we’ve included symbols to indicate some of the most common info. Please see the bottom of your agent statement for further details. All gifts over $10,000 are denoted with a ~ symbol to protect the privacy of alumni.

Q: How do I know if the amount listed for someone is a gift, a pledge, or a pledge payment?

A: Below the Annual/Capital/Dues breakdown, if someone has a YAF gift on the books for the current fiscal year, it will be listed in bold print. GF signifies a gift, NP a New Pledge, MYP a multi-year pledge and PP a payment.

Senior Class Gift

Q: What is the Senior Class Gift to the Yale Alumni Fund?

A: The Senior Class Gift is a three-week, Senior Class effort to raise unrestricted, current use funds. In the past three years, seniors have raised an average of $30,000 per year, with participation ranging from 96.1% to 97.5%. The most important part of Senior Class Gift is to educate seniors about giving back to Yale and to inspire them to take meaningful action to further Yale’s future. The Senior Class Gift is a chance for the graduating Class to set a precedent for annual giving and to help support teaching and research at Yale. For more information, please visit

The Alumni Fund Calendar

Q: In addition to my agent letters, what other solicitations do classmates get?

A: Solicitations will vary by class, but generally the fiscal year will look something like this:

August: Letter from Alumni Fund Chair to all Chairs and Agents
September: Letter from Chairs of Agents to all classmates
October: Agent packets!
December: End of calendar year email
February: Agent packets!
March and April: Agents are encouraged to follow up with the members of their group by phone or email
May: Fiscal year end direct mail
June: Email and phone follow up as necessary

This schedule is a general guide, and will vary based on what may or may not work for a particular class, as well as new YAF initiatives.

What Counts:

Q: What is the difference between dues and Alumni Fund gifts?

A: Dues are gifts to your class, and help pay for the reunion, as well as benefits like the Yale Alumni Magazine. Alumni Fund gifts are gifts to Yale. They provide Yale with current use funds for its most immediate needs, as well as seed money for new initiatives.

Q: Do gifts to Dwight Hall, or the St. Thomas More Building Fund count towards YAF?

A: Because these gifts are designated to a specific purpose, they do NOT count as Alumni Fund gifts.

Q: Do payments to my Quarter Century Fund pledge count as Alumni Fund gifts?

A: Since gifts to the Quarter Century Fund are invested in the endowment and are not current-use gifts, pledge payments to QCF do not count as Alumni Fund gifts.

Yale’s Fiscal Year

Q : Why does Yale’s fiscal year end June 30th?

A: Yale sets its budget based on the academic year, so the development office’s fiscal year coincides with that. Gifts raised by June 30th are incorporated into the budgeting for the upcoming academic year.