Giving to Yale

Why I Give to Yale: Herbert Zohn ’54

Herbert Zohn ’54

 “I receive secure fixed payments for life and support future generations of Yale students at the same time.” 

“Patron of the arts” is a title that transcends centuries, reflecting a philanthropic tradition that dates back to the ancient world, but is still alive and well today. Ask Herbert Zohn ’54, who on a recent trip to Europe visited such museums as The Bargello in Florence, Italy, home to the Medici-commissioned David by Donatello and to many Michelangelo masterpieces that would not have been created without the support of patrons.

Herb himself has been passionately interested in the arts for decades. He spent his early years in Brooklyn—where he had the New York art world at his front door. Taking painting classes as a child and then continuing his interest by studying drawing and art history while an undergraduate at Yale are not only vivid memories, but experiences that paved the way for his subsequent career —owning an art gallery. 

In keeping with his lifelong interests, when Herb first decided to establish a Yale charitable gift annuity, he directed his gift toward scholarships at the Yale School of Art—“a place,” he
said, “in which creativity and collegiality can flourish.” Herb has recently established another charitable gift annuity, his seventh since 1998, and wishes he could do even more: “Would that I could make the large gesture these students deserve!” By establishing charitable gift annuities for the Yale School of Art, Herb champions what he loves and encourages the next generation of Michelangelos.