Giving to Yale

Key Contacts - Yale Alumni Fund

Lynn C. Andrewsen
Managing Director, Yale Alumni Fund
Jocelyn R.H. Kane
Director, Yale College Annual Giving
YC 1965, Nathan Hale Associates Program
Rick Davis
Associate Director, Leadership Annual Giving
Susan Frankenbach
Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving
Kaitlyn Winterbottom
Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving
Anthony Violano
Associate Director, Graduate and Professional Schools; Online Agent Support
Katherine Darr
Assistant Director
YC 1955 and prior, YC 1969, YC 2006-2008
Sandra L. Brown Livramento
Assistant Director
YC 1956-1963
Gloria A. Caprio
Associate Director
YC 1966, YC 1970-1979, YC Married Couples' Joint Giving, Matching Gifts
Ann E. Rumberger
Senior Associate Director
YC 1964, YC 1980-1987
James Barone
Assistant Director
YC 1988-1995
AmandaLee Aponte
Assistant Director
YC 1967, YC 1996-2004, Senior Class Gift
Jane Rushmore
Assistant Director
YC 1968, YC 2005, YC 2009-2014