Giving to Yale


BOLD—Bulldogs Of the Last Decade

Welcome! If you are one of the 13,000 members in the Yale College Classes of 2004–2013, you are a member of BOLD, Bulldogs Of the Last Decade, and you play a vital role in the success and growth of Yale College.

In the last fiscal year (ending June 30), more than 3,300 young alumni made gifts to the Alumni Fund that totaled nearly $500,000. More than 80% of those gifts were $100 or less.

It’s not the size of your gift that matters most, but your participation. Last year, the BOLD classes achieved a collective participation rate of nearly 27%. Because of BOLD’s participation, an additional $300,000 in challenge money was secured.

To see your class’s past and current achievements, click here.


Y Give? Participation Matters

Show Handsome Dan you still care! Participation in the Alumni Fund is not only an important measure of alumni attitudes toward the university but essential to funding Yale’s core needs. Read more

Ways to Give and Areas of Support

Alumni Fund gifts can be made online or with a contribution card and can be designated to any of the following six categories: Unrestricted, Financial Aid, Facilities, Library Resources, Undergraduate Life, and Faculty Support and Curriculum Development. Read more

Other Ways to Support Yale College

There are many ways to support Yale, and you should consider all of them. Read more

Class Goals and YTD Numbers

BOLD alumni total more than 13,000, which accounts for nearly 19% of Yale College alumni. This year, the BOLD are charged with the goal of raising $438,000 from 3,615 alumni. Read more

Nathan Hale Associates—Leadership Annual Giving

The Nathan Hale Associates (NHA) Program is designed to encourage and recognize leadership annual giving to the Alumni Fund. Read more

Class Challenges

To encourage the Alumni Fund to meet participation goals by June 30, 2014, generous benefactors of Yale have stepped up and issued special challenges. Read more


We invite you to make a difference in the lives of current Yale students by becoming a volunteer for the Yale Alumni Fund. BOLD volunteers play a vital role in not only reaching our Alumni Fund goals each year but improving our connection to young alumni. Read more

Young Alumni Chairman's Award

The Young Alumni Chairman’s Award is presented to an individual volunteer who has graduated within the last ten years and presented at the annual Chairman’s Award Dinner. Read more

Young Alumni Task Force

The Young Alumni Task Force helps guide the Alumni Fund’s fundraising efforts and the planning process for BOLD alumni. Read more